Yoga -The Benefits


It is claimed that yoga brings many benefits with regular practice

· It is a great stress buster

· Promotes whole body fitness

· Promotes health and well-being

· Stretches and tones the muscles

· Improves mobility of the joints

· Improves posture

· Strengthens the spine and helps to keep it healthy

· Tones the organs

· Aids circulation, digestion, respiration and reproduction

· Stimulates the endocrine (glandular) system

· Soothes the nervous system

· Improves concentration

· Relieves fatigue

· Relaxes the body and mind

· Induces inner peace

· Helps reduce stress related conditions and anxiety

· Improves clarity

· Eases back ache

· Helps ease aches, pains and stiffness

· Will cleanses and detox the system

· Helps you stay fit

· Gives you energy to age gracefully

· Gives renewed energy

· Good for both men and women

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