SourcePoint Therapy®

I completed the Source Point Therapy® training in Leipzig, Germany with Ray McCall, Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson. Source Point Therapy is a system of energy healing that has been developed over many years by Bob and his wife Donna.

“The growing interest in the field of Energy Medicine indicates a desire for an integral approach to healing, one where the physical body and the human energy field are recognized as aspects of each other, where energy and matter are experienced as one, where the energetic is not neglected in favor of the physical, or vice versa.

SourcePoint Therapy offers this integral approach. The primary assumption in this work is that there is an energetic template or blueprint of health for the human body that can be accessed to restore and maintain the health of that body and connect people to their natural state of order, harmony, balance and flow.”
– Bob Schrei

The main principles of all human systems are:

  • Order (Blueprint)
  • Balance (Grounding) of the elements
  • Harmony (Activation) within the system
  • Flow (Transformation) a greater flow of
    energy within our organs and at every level

Further information about Source Point Therapy can be found on the following website:

 Source Point Therapy

SourcePoint Therapy: Working with The Blueprint by Donna Thomson.

Source Point Therapy and its implications for Rolfing® Structural Integration


Source Point therapy Sessions are 75 to 90 mins in length.


Paralympic Swimmer James O’Shea visited my practice at Rolfing Midlands for a SourcePoint Therapy® treatment.

SourcePoint Therapy® is a form of energetic healing. It has profound effects on the healing process as it reconnects the body and its energy fields to the fundamental information of health.

” I was blown away by the depth of relaxation in the session. I am sure sourcepoint works on a very deep level and my body still seems to be integrating the work even 3 weeks later. I am very curious about sourcepoint and looking forward to finding out more, its so profound and subtle.”

James O’Shea

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