Scar Work Testimonials

Scar work following breast reduction surgery. SD, Sutton Coldfield.

18 months ago, I underwent plastic surgery (breast reduction) to ease back and neck pain and ultimately prevent further scoliosis of the spine. The operation was a total success and somewhat life changing. Twelve months on, I was still feeling restrictions in arm movement causing discomfort and a constant pulling sensation and feeling of tightness. Rotation in my upper body was also limited, but I just thought that was a consequence of the op and was happy to leave it at that…then I met Vivien!

My friend had suggested scar tissue massage and I naively thought that meant only external scaring would be addressed. How wrong I was! I was apprehensive about my first session and having to show this part of my body. However, I needn’t have worried. Vivien acted with such care and sensitivity, always checking that I was comfortable and happy. She carefully explained what she was going to do before and during the massage which helped me to relax. I trusted her immediately.

After my first session, I thought a miracle had happened as I noticed so many changes in appearance and sensation. Vivien’s gentle, painless touch had smoothed out very bumpy tissue under my scars (it had felt like frozen peas under my skin and that feeling had completely gone!) My external scars had a very plastic, shiny look and feel to them. At the end of the session they were soft to the touch and looked and felt like me! In addition, I had very red and purple patches to the scars which had been literally rubbed away by Vivien’s expert hands.

Since surgery I was unable to lie on my front without a cushion for support as the breast tissue was quite hard and firm. That night I could lie in prone, pain free! Vivien had worked on what I described as a solid lump in my breastbone. Within minutes of her massage I was taking full breaths with ease (until this moment I hadn’t realised my breathing felt restricted) and the ‘solid lump’ had melted away. I started to feel so much more connected in my upper body, the front and back of my chest felt open and arm mobility had returned to pre-surgery range.

Having seen the transformation in just one treatment, Vivien set to regain the sensation in my left breast and nipple area. I had been left with no feeling around the nipple area and limited feeling in the breast. Vivien was very thoughtful and delicate in her approach for which I am incredibly grateful. I am delighted to say that she succeeded in getting the feeling back in the whole breast after using a variation of massage methods.

To be honest, looking back I hadn’t realised how much I considered my new boobs to be ‘stuck on’ and not part of my body; or what restrictions and issues the surgery had caused. Sometimes you don’t notice things until they’ve gone! I now have full connection in my upper body, breasts that feel part of me, external scaring is barely visible, the tightness is no more and I have full sensation in both boobs! After just three sessions with Vivien, I now feel complete! I am overwhelmed with what Vivien’s skills, knowledge and experience has been able to achieve. I cannot recommend Vivien highly enough. She has filled me with confidence and I feel like a new woman. Thank you Vivien, I am and will be eternally grateful.

Once again thank you for taking the time to work on me! The benefits keep on coming, including a new bra which now fits like a treat and a bikini top too!


Hand Injury – David L, Featherstone, Staffs

I contacted Vivien for Rolfing back in 2015 and at the time spoke to her about my hand injury which I had sustained at work. I had cut my right hand which quickly became infected and required surgery. A large part of the index finger had to be removed leaving a lot of scar tissue, numbness, and sensitivity. To try and improve the healing time I contacted an Acupuncturist and had treatment for just under three years, which was extremely painful and had limited success.

Prior to having treatments, my right hand had reduced movement with a limited ability to stretch the fingers apart. Scar tissue had left the side surface of the finger extremely rough and sharp with the skin feeling very tight and getting worse as time went by. In fact it was getting so tight that I was about to see a doctor for advice. Most of the finger was numb which meant that when I used my right hand the index finger would be held out of the way. The hand had a general feeling of not being fully attached.

After the 3 treatments it was noticed that between the 1st finger joint and the finger tip it felt much smoother with reduced sore/numbness and redness. Scar tissue was also greatly reduced and the finger had noticeably straightened out. The hand now has more strength and I am now able to use hand tools, grip a pen correctly and write normally.

An interesting thing to note was that right from the first appointment improvements were happening during the treatment. There was a noticeable relaxation in the hand and body. The overlapping scar tissue was smoothing out and the hand was becoming more integrated.

Overall the process was very gentle with no major pain felt at all except for a slight scratching feeling occasionally. I have been very impressed with the improvement of my hand over a few treatments and a short period of time, and intend to continue with more in the near future.

Scar work after abdominoplasty surgery. SB, Fradley,Staffs

2 years ago I had an abdominoplasty with a muscle wall repair in which my navel was repositioned, this left me with a large scar hip to hip. The scar is slightly wider one side due to a stitch popping through. It had sometimes been painful to touch and pulled in on the left side as though it was stuck to my body.

There was a loss of sensation and a numb feeling and I was also experiencing some pain in my left hip and back.

Vivien used a painless gentle approach with light feathery techniques to complete the treatment.

After the first session the scar felt loosened all the way across and the appearance was smoother.

The pain in my hip and back was less troublesome.

After the second session I had a pins and needles sensation but this was not painful in any way. I found I had increased sensation and less numbness.

Vivien also worked on some stretch marks from my 3 pregnancies and these appeared smoother and less noticeable.

I also noticed that there was a general improvement in the appearance of my navel.

After the third session everything just felt smoother and softer.

The scar felt more like the rest of my skin. You can obviously still see the scar but it feels more a part of me now rather than it being stuck there.

My navel also feels softer, natural and more central.

Vivien is a fantastic practitioner who is very confident in her work. I found the treatments to be non-invasive, painless, with a gentle approach and great communication from Vivien herself.

The treatment room was warm, relaxed and welcoming.

The different touch techniques that are used are never painful and are gentle even on the most sensitive skin tissue of scars.

Vivien also included some general Rolfing work alongside the scar treatment which I also found beneficial. It seems to be a very holistic approach to getting the body to work in harmony.

I find that I’m more comfortable with my scar now, both in its appearance, and in the way I’ve now accepted it as just a part of me.

I would certainly recommend this scar tissue treatment to anyone who is unhappy with their scar, physically or emotionally.

Please contact me for further information about pricing and booking an appointment.