“Nourishing the Qi during Winter” 

Qi Gong practices designed for supporting the
energy of the kidneys and the bladder, the two organs which correspond to the
Water element, and are most closely connected to winter in Five Element theory.
On an energetic level, the kidneys and the bladder can be compared to an
internal reservoir. The replenishing of this pool is essential not only for our
physical well-being but for our mental and emotional stability as well.

A morning of simple exercises to nourish and replenish the qi.

Led by Philip Skelton


10am- 1pm, Saturday 9 February 2013.

Cost £20 (£18 if paid by 28 January)

Venue – Whittington Cricket Club

Vicarage lane (next to St Giles Hospice)

Whittington, Lichfield WS14 9LQ

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