Fascia – What is it?

Ida Rolf called Fascia is the organ of form, it is the body’s living malleable myofascial system which is found throughout the body as a three dimensional web. This is what gives us our shape, support and stability.

The connective tissue wraps around and through every part and system of the body and this continuous network of connective tissue links all of the different organs and parts of the body.

The functions of the Fascia are:

  • To maintain structural integrity
  • To provide support
  • To provide protection
  • To act as a shock absorber
  • As a defense system

Any blockages or restrictions that are found in the fascia can be a result of inflammation from injury, surgery, poor posture or stress. The fascia loses its fluidity when blockages or restrictions are present and this will put excessive pressure on the body.

Fascia restrictions do not show up on any of the current standard medical tests

It has been concluded by the results of anatomical and physiological studies that the connective tissue plays a major role in the maintenance of all the functions of the body. Different studies have shown “ that the connective tissue provides the ultimate guarantee for the proper functioning of the body and thus for its health”

This free ebook by Rolfer Brooke Thomas is a short primer on what fascia is and how a better understanding of this tissue system can help anyone to better resolve and avoid pain, injuries, and erosion.

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