Bone Work

 Integrating the fascia of the bones.

Do you have previously broken, misshapen or badly healed bones?

Bonework is a form of fascial manipulation working at bone level. There are two types of this work, bone change and bone rolling. Bonework is usually done within a Rolfing structural integration session, as it is necessary to integrate the changes.

Bone Change

  • Employs precisely placed manual pressure into the fascial elements of the bone.
  • Transforms chronic distortions left over from badly healed breaks in the bone, or scars in the bone.

Bone Rolling

  • Deep manual pressure is precisely directed through the periosteal adhesion to release the stuck bones.
  • Can restore functional relationships between bones that have been disorganised after accidents and injuries.
  • The bones are now free to move, or “roll” into a better relationship within the structure of the fascial web.


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