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I feel privileged and excited to be the first Certified Advanced Rolfer in the Midlands

My practice is in Whittington, Lichfield, Staffordshire and serves the area of Staffordshire and the East and West Midlands.

Rolfing® structural integration

Rolfing was developed by Dr Ida P Rolf over 50 years ago. It is a form of hands on manipulation and movement education. Rolfers work with the soft tissue of the body to reshape and realign the body within the gravitational field.

The myofascial structure of the body is known as the “organ of form” or endless web. It is a network of connective tissue which gives the body its shape and support. As Rolfers we work with the malleable soft tissue to lengthen and reshape the body. It then allows the muscles to return to a balanced relationship and the body will reorganise itself in gravity.

As well as working with the connective tissue, Rolfers work with the breath and also movement education to help the person in their body use and sensory perception. This allows the body to be freed from its long held restrictive patterns.

After the Rolfing process the body continues to change and as the process has been gradual and allowed the body to unravel at it own speed, the changes have more possibility to be long lasting, allowing more freedom of movement, greater flexibility, fewer aches and pains and better alignment of posture within the gravitational field.

Rolfing is a process and a journey of discovery. The body has taken time to build up the tensions and holding patterns, so it will also take time to allow it to unravel and become free again. The Rolfer and client work together in this process so the person is able to own the work and use it in their everyday life and take responsibility for their health.

As the body changes it will allow for more economical movement patterns that will require less energy to maintain and allows for more graceful fluid movement, more confidence and growing self esteem.

Rolfing is complementary and sits well along side other therapies.

Rolfing in the Midlands

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